Your Sense of Adventure is Missing Something: Convenience

hen you talk about adventure, extreme sports, and outdoor excursions, convenience isn’t something that typically comes to mind. After all, you’re trying to let loose, have fun, and enjoy the natural surroundings. However, the truth is that most of us live busy lives. The majority of people work 40-plus hour weeks, have family obligations, and can’t simply pick up everything and leave for a weekend kayaking trip on short notice.

But what if you could? What if you could make the decision at 2pm on a Friday afternoon that you and your spouse are going to take a last-minute trip? It’s more realistic than you may think – but you have to place an emphasis on convenience. Here’s a practical four-step plan for making a spontaneous weekend trip a practical idea:


1. Know Where You’ll Stay

You have to have a plan for accommodations or you’ll be too hesitant to take a last minute adventure. For people who are financially capable, investing in a vacation home makes a lot of sense. It lets you come and go as you please without having to worry about going through other people or making plans in advance. While you may choose to rent the home out during certain parts of the year, leaving it vacant gives you the opportunity to stay as frequently as you’d like. Many thanks for stopping by. Before we carry on I wanted to give thanks to for their continued support and the support of their regional community. Having a support team like this means a lot to us as we continue to grow our private blog.

You don’t have to buy a second home, though. Depending on where your favorite kayaking spots are, you may want to develop a relationship with the owners of nearby campgrounds, cabins, or hotels. You’re much more likely to be able to snag a last minute room if you know the owner.

2. Save Up Those Vacation Days

While there’s nothing wrong with a weekend trip, it’s sometimes necessary to take a few extra days. That’s why you have vacation days! Develop a plan for how you can keep some extra ones in your back pocket.

Consult with your spouse, significant other, or adventure companion and discuss the logistics of your vacation days. Can you take one day at a time, or do you have to take them on consecutive days? How much notice do you have to provide your employer before taking a vacation day? You may be surprised to learn that the answers to these questions differ from company to company. Try to coordinate your vacation days so that there’s no extra planning when an opportunity presents itself.


3. Keep Your Stuff Organized

This is a big step that a lot of people forget about. If you’re going to make a last minute trip as practical as possible, you need to (quite literally) have your bags packed and ready to go. If you’re a kayaker, this means having all of your equipment in your garage or storage shed organized and packed. It’s a good idea to have your racks already installed on your vehicle, too. If you really want to get crazy, have a duffle bag packed with some basics so that you don’t have to worry about forgetting something.

4. Have a Plan for the Kids

If you have kids, you’re probably not as “free” as some other folks reading this article – but that’s okay. Like everything else, you need to have a plan. Having options when it comes to babysitters is a good thing. It increases the likelihood that you can find someone to watch the kids with minimal notice.

On the other hand, once your kids are old enough, you may even want to take them with you! If you’re going to do this, you obviously have to be very meticulous with step three.

Make Convenience a Priority

Regardless of what you do, the takeaway is that you need to have a plan. A plan makes taking a trip on a moment’s notice convenient and practical. With a plan, it no longer takes a week of preparation to get out the door and on the road. Is your sense of adventure missing a dose of convenience? Don’t worry, you’re not alone!