Yorkshire Water Offers up Fishing Rights at Eldwick Reservoir

Water company, Yorkshire Water, has put out an invitation for applications to lease the fishing rights at its Eldwick Reservoir. Fishing clubs are naturally expected to be the front runners by way of bidders for the fishing rights, which are set to be granted for a period of five years, initially.

The fishing to take place at the reservoir won’t be anything new really. In fact, it has been fished for many years, naturally holding 280 Perch. It has also previously been stocked with Brown and Rainbow Trout. The rainbow trout in particular is of specific interest to many anglers as it’s considered to be the hardest-fighting trout species, which is why they are so popular among fly fishers.

Additionally, Yorkshire Water has noted that there’s also an opportunity to further stock the reservoir with other coarse fish species such as Roach or even Rud.

There perhaps couldn’t have been a better location for the position of Eldwick Reservoir, which is set in an idyllic, rural location. This naturally offers peace and tranquillity to all guests visiting the reservoir.

The mode of procurement for the lease will be by Informal Tender, extending the opportunity to applicants so that they can submit each of their best rental figures. The closing date for all applications has been confirmed to be 18th November 2016.

Georgina Hurley, Land & Property Surveyor at Yorkshire Water, said: “This is a great opportunity for a local fishing club to speak to us about leasing the fishing rights for Eldwick Reservoir. At Eldwick Reservoir, anglers can look forward to reeling in some great catches and we hope to get lots of interest.”