The Wonderful Ways That Sports Can Reward You

Everybody, at one point or another, has participated in a sport. It isn’t a tightly defined term, even according to Oxford.

That being said, if you were never on the school football team, you still did PE, and you still engaged in some form of competitive activity.

While fun, sports are inherently hard work. They make humans exert themselves, often at the cost of injuries and illnesses. Usually, we aren’t rewarded for our efforts, but it’s important to identify how our sport can be rewarding on a material and emotional level.

Without further ado, here are the wonderful ways that sports can bring rewards into yours, and your families, lives. Trophies, medals and prizes are all simple ways to do so, but some aren’t always obvious.

Health and fitness benefits

The health benefits of sport are well documented, and it goes without saying that any form of physical activity is good for the body and mind. Football, swimming, boxing and weight training, you name it, they all help. Combined with a planned killer diet, you can start to see the results you desire in a matter of weeks! It really is those long term rewards that make sports such a great use of our free time.


Via Pixabay

Trophies, medals and material possessions

When you played in that rugby tournament at school, chances are you received a trophy for winning. Olympic athletes get three tiers of medal depending on result, and sports players over the world can earn those shiny medals too.

Gold, silver and bronze trophies are all special items that give you a physical memory to look back on. You don’t have to be the world’s greatest sports player, you just have to be dedicated, driven and hardworking. Rewards like these encourage us to perfect every aspect of our game, and make us strive to do better the next time around.

Shared memories

It’s impossible to play certain sports alone, and that’s where your friends and families come in. Sports create memories that you can look back on together, laughing over that time your Uncle Gary fell over the bowling ball.

Family is one of the most essential parts of life, so it’s important to keep it a happy part. Sports can bring everyone from grandparents to toddlers into an occasion, and can provide hours of enjoyment. It’s these hours that are good for the mind and soul, and you’ll remember them for years to come.

Adrenaline, adventure and living on the edge

You only live once. So it’s important to make that life a series of memorable moments. Few hobbies allow you to leap off cliffs, swim with dolphins and climb rocky mountains, but sports can. It’s important to not possess a complacent sense of adventure. But at the same time, you can embark on these adrenaline junkie activities almost anywhere, anytime.

So, get out there and conquer that deadlift, score that hat-trick and scale that rocky cliff face, because you owe it to yourself! Don’t just sit back in front of the telly this weekend. Get out there and enjoy those sports for everything they have to offer. They’ll reward you in numerous fresh, exciting ways, and it’s a feeling that’s not to be missed.