Winter Holiday Fun with a Hot Tub for Thalassophiles

Being a Briton who also happens to be a thalassophile presents one with somewhat of a constant longing in which you wish you could experience the sea a lot more than you probably do, even if you’re lucky enough to perhaps live by the seaside. Between all the rain we get when it’s rainy season and the comparatively cold weather we’re accustomed to, holidaying in a tropical, exotic location such as the Seychelles, Zanzibar, somewhere in the Caribbean or even the Maldives may have you taking to the idea of at least experiencing what life as an expatriate is like.

No doubt we have some great beaches right here at home, but we all know that it gets a bit expensive during the peak tourist season when everybody wants to be in line to experience that little window of time when they may actually be able to go and swim in the sea to complement their holiday sunbathing. So there has to be a plan B for those of us who just want to be by the sea more often.

The colder and/or rainy months shouldn’t deter you in that case because through the use of hot tubs you can get as close to experiencing all which the sea has to offer a thalassophile as you can.

Granted, there are different types of hot tubs, but that’s exactly what makes it great because if the seaside resort you’re staying in doesn’t have a hot tub with the rooms they have available, you can always enjoy the full hot tub experience in one of those portable hot tubs which are rising in popularity. It isn’t by any fluke either – portable hot tubs have become so advanced that the typical top-of-the-range option pretty much has the full range of features a permanently affixed hot tub boasts.

iKnow-UK has some great hot tub holiday options. They have accommodation spanning the whole of the UK with something for every price range.

At the best of times it’s like being able to enjoy soaking in an infinity edge pool throughout the year and if perhaps there’s some outdoor covering available like a grotto, then it’s exactly like having access to an infinity edge pool throughout the year, even when it’s raining or really cold.

For the average thalassophile, it is in any case not so much about being able to swim in the sea itself, but just the feeling of calm and relaxation being on the beach and near the ocean brings you. It’s also about the beautiful surroundings which Mother Nature displays in what is perhaps the simplest form of beauty, in the form of some turquoise blue waters, white sand beaches and some leaning palm trees. That’s also why some of us can head on down to the coast and not even take a single dip in the salty seawater itself, yet we fully qualify to be referred to as the thalassophiles we are.

Many beachside resorts also like to follow the growing trend of installing permanent hot tubs which are bigger in size than the average hot tub, just so that they can double up as infinity edge soak tubs when the sun is fully out and it’s a hot out.