Which Fantastic UK Outdoor Activity Would You Like to Try?

For such a relatively compact country the UK has tons of amazing outdoor adventures on offer. So which one of the following is your favourite or what you would most like to try in the future?

The Great Cheese Roll


Maybe you have already heard of the famous cheese rolling event at Cooper’s Hill. The idea is very simple; everyone wants to be the person who catches a big cheese rolling down a steep hill. However, the logistics of the matter suggest that you are far more likely to go tumbling head over heels. This historic event is held annually near Gloucester. Although there has been some controversy in recent years over injuries and entry fees, many people still see it as a fantastic and uniquely British event.

Snorkelling in Bogs


One of the weird yet strangely alluring new sports to emerge in the last few decades is called bog snorkelling. It started out in Wales in 1976 and has gained a lot of publicity lately. The home of bog snorkelling is Llanwrtyd Wells and it involves pretty much what you think it does. Basically, the competitors have to do 2 laps of a 60 year peat bog as quickly as possible. It sounds wacky, it sounds mucky and its sounds absolutely brilliant.

Getting Cold at New Year


If you don’t mind getting wet and cold then maybe the Loony Dook is the one for you. This is a traditional New Year’s Day event held near Edinburgh. To take part you need to head to the Firth of the Firth at South Queensberry. Here, you will join other brave revellers who plunge into the freezing cold waters. Many participants wear fancy dress and everyone seems to have a great time. Of course, with New Year’s Eve (called Hogmanay in Scotland) being such a big event here many people go straight from a party to the freezing cold river. This is certainly an interesting way to sober up.

Tough and Muddy Action

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The Tough Mudder event is another brilliant competition for anyone who doesn’t mind getting tired and, well, muddy. Unlike the others listed here, this one takes place in different parts of the UK throughout the year. The Tough Mudder series includes music, off-road adventures in Jeeps, tough challenges and a lot of fun. This is the kind of wonderful festival that makes going out and exploring this country so much fun. The dates and locations for the 2015 event are on the official site. The good news is that one of these events is likely to be taking place near you at some point. If not, it is a fine excuse to do some travelling and see another part of the country.

Pigs and Fun


Maybe you want to see a top class event but don’t want to exert yourself too much. In that case, why not let the pigs take the strain? The sport of pig racing is more common than you might think and Northern Ireland is a brilliant place to see it happen. Carnolugh is a particularly good place to enjoy this as part of the Carnlough Civic Week often featuring wacky pig races.