What cancellation reasons are covered by travel insurance?

Nowadays, people go abroad for many reasons. One of the increasingly popular reasons why people go overseas is to attend a special event. Many people arrange a trip abroad specifically to attend a major sporting event such as the Olympics or World Cup Finals, a concert or huge entertainment festival, a big religious gathering, a wedding or civil partnership ceremony, to watch a musical or attend a film premiere.

While going to an international event or family gathering overseas requires a considerable amount of pre-planning, there are unavoidable circumstances when an event has to be cancelled.  There are many reasons why a pre-planned event which you have thought of for months prior is cancelled. In case of an event cancellation, a traveller would have to cancel deposits on accommodation, transport expenses and even tour packages if you had planned to explore the place.

The question is will you be able to reimburse expenses that were already incurred? If you have comprehensive travel insurance, you may be able to reimburse your travel expenses because it provides coverage for event cancellation.

An event cancellation extension can be added to a standard travel insurance coverage.  If the cancellation is made prior to departure, the insured will be able to reimburse up to £400 for unused event tickets. If the cancellation is made after the insured’s arrival at the destination, up to 50% of travel costs will be reimbursed plus up to 7 days of accommodation.

What evidence do you need to show the travel insurance company in order to reimburse your travel expenses and tickets purchased?  Here are the conditions:

  • You will only be reimbursed if the event is cancelled for reasons that are beyond your control and not as a direct result of your own actions.
  • You will only be reimbursed if the event is curtailed or cancelled until after your pre-booked return date.
  • You have written confirmation from event organisers or promoters that the event is really cancelled.

What are the specific expenses that will be covered?

  • Irrevocable unused travel, accommodation, and city tours
  • Special event ticket costs and other prepaid charges
  • Additional travel expenses incurred

What are the exclusions of this extra travel insurance option?

  • If the special event is re-scheduled before your pre-booked return date to your home country.
  • Costs which are recoverable to the travel agent, tour operator or event organiser.
  • Costs for normal day-to-day living such as meals.

Not all insurance providers offer the event cancellation option to its clients.  Some travel insurance companies offer an extended coverage called “Cancel for Any Reason”. This is an optional travel insurance benefit that allows the insured to cancel your trip for any reason, even if it is deemed absurd or illogical. Of course, this is subject to eligibility criteria.

An event cancellation is one of those unforeseen situations that are totally beyond our control.  It’s a good thing that some of the best travel insurance companies have thought of this and offers an addendum to the standard policy.