Under-the-Radar Holiday Destinations in Turkey

When you think of holiday vacations, you probably picture the warm bodies of Miami, or the stereotypical surfers of Hawaii. Movies, music videos and a certain great white shark pretty much instilled those locations as the pinnacle of summer getaways in our minds- and we’re missing out.

For those who find themselves in the borders of Eastern Europe and Western Asia, Turkey might just be the prime location for this year’s coming adventure. While the popular cities and attractions found in the country are perfectly suitable for holiday trip, there are certain inconspicuous little towns and hamlets that might give you an even better experience:


Faralya is a small settlement in Turkey, and is where you can find the shores of Butterfly Valley. While Butterfly Valley is not the most unknown locations in all of Turkey, it certainly is not often placed in the most popular beach destinations on recurring lists, which is quite a shame- the place is a testament to Mother Nature’s handiwork.

You’ll have rocky mountains and cliff-faces to one side and a green valley right behind you as you look into the deep blue waters. As such, you will have many a choice when it comes to outdoor activities: hiking, camping, scuba diving, etc will all be available on the itinerary.



On the opposite end of the scale, the moment you step on the old cobblestones of Mardin, you will most likely hear the back track of Prince of Persia playing- all in your mind, of course, but who needs validation in a place like this?

Mardin is an ancient city, nothing short of awesome, with each building almost feeling like a relic. Limestone walls, the aforementioned cobbled steps and charmingly busy marketplaces will probably make you feel like you’ll spot a certain street rat just around the corner. Mosques, temples and ancient buildings might cause you a stiff neck at the end of the day, but that will arguably be quite worth it.


Smack dab in between summer paradise and what could be mistaken as the lair of the king of thieves, is what can only be described as a town straight out of folklore. Nestled in the mountains with river banks and lazy waters, the city of Amasya predictably has a quite a romantic legend behind it.

Amasya has many beautiful rivers dotting the landscape, so you will have a full list of water sports to choose from should you find yourself in the need to scratch the adrenaline itch. Rafting is quite a popular activity for tourists, as well as canoeing, kayaking, and, of course, riverside camping.



Kalkan, similar to Faralya, is a beach town whose main attractions are its harbors and beautiful waters. You will find bobbing fishing boats, beautiful mountains and the deep blue sea, all part of the charm of the settlement.

While Faralya focuses more on the rugged traveler, Kalkan has really great resorts and villas available for those who just want to kick back and enjoy their well-deserved vacation, and loads of Kalkan holiday deals make such luxury affordable enough for the weary traveler. Of course, you will have your pick of outdoor activities, not the least of which is boating, the most popular choice.