So-Called Activewear is about Performance and Style

On more of a biomechanical level, the Voxers Compression Shirt offers high power denier support to biceps, triceps, deltoids and pectorals, in the most natural way possible. This bears direct implications in helping to reduce possible muscle injuries, through increased extension and flexion within a safe and natural range of motion. This applies to the entire arm and shoulder region, both as a compound set of muscles and as individual muscles. The effectiveness carried by the Voxers Compression Shirt’s high power denier support spills over to the injury rehabilitation process, with the garment doing more than just helping to relieve muscle soreness and stiffness.

To top off the Voxers Compression Shirt’s health and safety benefits, the compression inner wear garment’s structure stimulates vastly improved blood circulation, which in turn carries performance enhancing significance.

Performance Benefits

The Voxers Compression Shirt is fully-packed with a number of intelligent design features and various health and safety benefits, and while it looks great too, its ultimate aim is to deliver unparalleled performance benefits. Its performance enhancing features are what ultimately captivate the imagination of anybody who could benefit from the use of a compression inner wear piece, with athletes naturally showing the most interest.

As far as performance benefits go, the Voxers Compression Shirt can help athletes gain a real competitive advantage, with the compression inner wear garment designed to enhance the body’s natural movements. The Raglan sleeve construction offers unrestricted movement, while the overall fit of the compression inner wear gear is extremely aerodynamic and feels like a natural part of the body. This ensures that the body’s full range of motion is maintained without creating the potential for unnatural or awkward positions that lead to injury. These performance enhancing benefits are typically characteristic of the active phase of whatever activity the athlete is involved in, offering physical aid to the athlete’s performance.

On a deeper biological level, the Voxers Compression Shirt facilitates performance enhancing features that complement the body’s internal features. This includes compression levels that directly improve oxygenation to working muscles, as well as venous return, bodily functions which directly affect an athlete’s stamina and their ability to maintain high levels of physical exertion.

Moving beyond the active phase of the body’s involvement in physical activity, the Voxers Compression Shirt can be worn during rest or post-exercise periods, serving to lower muscle soreness while speeding up muscle repair and recovery.

The Verdict

Voxers’ Compression Shirt is quickly emerging as the new benchmark in high performance compression inner wear, unsurprisingly proving to be popular among the competitive sports circuits, for both its health/safety and performance features. This high performance compression inner wear garment brings together a range of features all active people could benefit extensively from, from anti-odor technology and sun protection, right up to motion enhancement, muscle recovery, injury prevention and rehabilitation.

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