How to Look Good On Your First Outdoorsy Date

Looking good on that first outdoorsy date can be a bit intimidating. There is that fine line between looking like the rugged outdoorsman/woman that you are, and also looking like the attractive person you want your mate to know you are. You want to dress in the appropriate gear for the event you have in mind, of course, but you want it to showcase all of your, erm, attributes.

If you are getting ready for a ski date for example, preparing for the cold does not mean you can’t show off a little bit of your curves- whether we are taking muscle or otherwise. There are some great lightweight, skintight clothing options that can help you showcase your cough assets while keeping you warm.

Likewise, if you are headed for a kayaking adventure, you do not have to don a wetsuit (unless you plan on cold whitewater, adventurous sea kayaking, or somewhere else you believe necessitates it). This is your opportunity to show some of that fabulous body while showing you know how to dress right for the occasion.

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Also, you’ll want to ensure that you’re prepared for any type of activity that the date may throw upon you, so be sure to invest in a great sports bra to wear out. I like to visit Get Bra Advice for buyers guides on the best sports bras for any quirky outdoorsy date activities.

We hope you enjoy your hike, beach day, kayak trip, ski session, or wherever else your first outdoorsy date takes you!