Hike The Highlands

This amazing world of ours never ceases to amaze me. There are countless marvels to gaze upon, and these marvels come in all shapes and sizes and can be found all over the globe. Some remain untouched while others are enjoyed by millions of people each year. If you are an adventure lover, you’ll want to consider making the trip to a little island on the east coast of Canada called Cape Breton Island. There, you’ll find some of the world’s best seafood, and the world famous Cabot Trail leading the way to some of the best hiking anywhere in the world.

When you set out to hike the highlands, also known as the Cape Breton Highlands National Park, you’ll be transported to a place that seems untouched by human hands. While many people live amongst the road leading to the highlands, no one actually lives within the borders of the highlands national park. This makes your trek across the highlands both quiet and serene. There is plenty of access to things you’d need to make your way around the highlands, including fuel stops, restaurants, and entertainment, but if you long for backwoods treks, the highlands are the perfect place for you.

Whether you enjoy a scenic drive, like James May, or you enjoy a backpacking adventure like those who walk the 500 miles of the Camino in Spain, you’ll find everything you could ever imagine in your trip across the pond.

Some fun facts about the highlands of Cape Breton:

You might think you are in Scotland. The highlands of Cape Breton resemble the highlands of Scotland, with one major difference: the highlands in Cape Breton have flat plateaus. When you hike a mountain in  Cape Breton, you’ll eventually make your way to a flat top. The marked trails take you through all kinds of terrain and there is a hiking trail of every skill level.

The hiking trails span hundreds of kilometers. You could spend a year in the highlands and still not have hiked every trail there is to hike. If you go off trail, you’ll need to pack in and pack out. There isn’t much in the way of shelter and amenities when you get into the deep woods backpacking.

Cape Breton is home to some of the best views in the world. You’ve probably heard of the Cabot Trail which winds its way along the coast of the northern tip of Cape Breton and brings you into the highlands national park. This year, you can enter all the parks in Canada for free, so it is an especially good time to get your hiking gear together and check out what the east coast of Canada has to offer.

Whether you decide to drive or hike, you won’t be disappointed. You might that you don’t even have enough time to see everything there is to see and do everything there is to do. Plan to visit Cape Breton for several days to make the most of your journey. The nearest airport is 2 hours’ drive from the start of the hiking area, so include that in your travel itinerary so you aren’t scrambling to see the sights once you get there.