Great Ideas For Camping in the Summer

Going on an extended camping trip can be a great adventure, whether it is a two week getaway for the whole family or a month long getaway for the whole family and a camper. Camping trips involve extensive planning to make sure that you will have everything that you need when you go off-the- Grid or drive to an off-site campsite. If you are going to go out on a major backpacking trip and bringing all your equipment while camping miles for days on end, then you will want to pack heavier than usual than what is in this list. Camping is not always easy, especially for a new camper, and you should know exactly what you will need before you start. There are several other important items to take along during your camping trip.

  • Water Trampoline. This is probably the most obvious item on the camping trip checklist. You don’t want to have to do a lot of stretcher work or lug a forty pound water trampoline around the next time you take a hike. The water trampoline will get you kitty warmed up and get your heart rate up while keeping you fit and trim. It is a must have item for any serious camping trip.
  • Camping Tent. It is important to have a camping tent for any camping trip no matter how long you are going. It will keep you warm even on cooler nights and you will have the extra room for your camping gear and accessories. Make sure that the tent you choose has good ventilation so you can stay cool. A good idea would be to choose a tent that is made of all-weather material as it will handle a variety of weather conditions and will be most comfortable for camping. There are different types of tents like family tents for families or beach tents for big groups.
  • Campfire Cooking Sets. Cooking with a campfire is one of the greatest ways to enjoy nature while staying safe and in the know about your surroundings. With a campfire cooking set, you will be able to make hot dogs, soft tacos, stew, cookies and much more while camping outdoors.
  • Camper Van. Some people get tired of driving a car. In case you’re planning a camping trip in the summer, consider renting a camper van. These vans have enough space for everything but not so much that it will take over your whole camping trip. If you’re interested in having your own company, this is a great option for you as well. It is a very economical way to enjoy camping in June, July and August.
  • Candace bacon (author). If you want to go the “old school” with a camping trip, then check out the book called Candace bacon: A road through the wilderness, by far the best travel guide to the west I’ve yet to come across. In this book, author Crystal Clark provides some great camping tips. She’s been hiking and camping with her family for five years and has lots of first-hand knowledge of what you need to do and what you should pack. You can’t go wrong if you pick this up, especially if you’re coming from the big city.
  • Jumper Stroller. A jumper stroller can make traveling for your camping trip much easier. They’re perfect for trips where you don’t want to be tethered to anyone. You can hop in the stroller and go anywhere. The jumper strollers from 2020 will make the most of your camping trip if you’re planning to take it in the summertime.
  • Geocaching. While I’m all for geocaching, I wouldn’t bring this up if you were thinking about going to search for a buried treasure, unless of course you had like six months or a year to get the project done. Going geocaching is a great activity that you can do alone or with your friends. For me, the book “caches” by far has the most information regarding this subject.