Get Travelling With Your Dog: The Top Canine Beach Tips

Working out where to go on a trip can be a tough task, especially if you want a dog-friendly destination to take your pooch away with you. Not to worry though, there are some great canine holiday destinations to choose from once you start looking into the matter.

For example, you could take him to the beach, where he will have a great time if you follow some simple tips like the following ones.

Getting to the Beach

What dog doesn’t love going to the beach? If this is his first trip to the seaside then he will be blown away by the big expanses of sand and water that let him go wild and have lots of fun. However, he has to get there first of all. If you are going to take him in the car to the beach with you then don’t forget to take lots of water for trip and to use one of the specially designed car boot covers for dogs to keep the interior tidy. If it is a long car ride then you might want to make a few stops along the way, so that he can stretch his legs and have a toilet break if needed.


Choose the Beach Carefully

Not every beach is suitable for dogs to play on. You should check the local rules and regulations first of all. These are normally posted on the beach but if it is far from your home then you will obviously want to check online before you set out. If it is a beach that is typically crowded with sun-seeking families then it is less likely that our canine buddies are welcome there. Long, empty stretches of sand in more remote areas tend to be perfect for dogs to walk and run along. These types of beach are also usually far more welcoming to pets. You will also want to choose a beach with easy access, so that he can bound off the car and straight onto the sand is possible. This is even more important when it is time to go home and you want to get him straight into the car and wiped down.

Be Careful with the Sun and Salty Water    

Staying too long in the sun can harm dogs, just as it harms humans. ´With this in mind, you will want to find somewhere with shade if it gets too hot. Make sure that he drinks lots of fresh water too. On this note, it is important to be careful on the beach that he doesn’t eat or drink anything weird. Sea water, for instance, is bad for your dog if he drinks too much of it.

Watch Him Swim

Don’t assume that your dog will just jump in the water and automatically know how to swim. While some canines make the transition from running to swimming easily, others don’t. He may need a helping hand to get started out but should soon be having fun and swimming along. No matter how well he copes in the water you should take care not to let him in the water if the waves are too big or if there are strong currents. A nice calm stretch of water with no surprises is ideal.


Keep an Eye Out for Dangers

The beach can hide some dangers that your dog might not even notice. When it comes to potentially dangerous objects, glass half buried in sand, syringes, fishing hooks and other dangers are all capable of doing him some harm if you don’t protect him. Take a look round the area he is playing in and clean out anything that might cause him problems. If you can keep him safe in this way then you are pretty much guaranteeing him a fantastic time without any hassles.

Clean Him Off Before Going Home

You don’t want to go home with a wet and smelly dog in your car boot, do you? Using the likes of Audi boot liners is a great idea but you will also want to clean and dry him before he gets in the car. The first step is to rinse off any sand and salt from his coat. This can be a time-consuming business, so make sure that you leave yourself some time and energy with which to do this. After this, you will want to dry him off with a towel after he has shaken off most of the excess moisture. Assuming that you both love your day at the beach then you will probably think about buying him his own beach towel for your many future trips there.