First Date Ideas for Outdoorsy Types

Unless you’re living the much-vaunted life of a digital nomad, being indoors all the time can really get to you, especially if you are indeed more of an outdoorsy type of person. Being cooped up in an office all day takes it in turns to keep you indoors with what you do when you get home, i.e. watch TV, catch up on some more work, sleep, cook, etc. So if you have a date lined up, chances are the person you’re going on the date with is also sick of being between walls, but if you both connected on your mutual love for the great outdoors however, all the more pertinent for you to plan a date that makes full use of what the great outdoors has to offer.

I’m sure it won’t take too much convincing to get your potential love interest on board with an outdoor-themed date, but with all the options available by way of activities, it’s important to remember that it is indeed a date after all and if it’s a first date it’s all about getting to know each other more. So you don’t want to have the both of you so immersed in the activities that you don’t have a real chance to actually communicate and get to know each other better.

At the same time you want to challenge yourselves a bit and experience each other in some slightly demanding positions, some of which will naturally be a bit competitive and perhaps even put you out of your comfort zones for a bit. So in laying out the itinerary, the ones suggested here are exactly that — suggestions, with the actual activities themselves interchangeable with anything that’s practical to your budget, location and whatever other parameters you might have to deal with.

Extreme Outdoor Activity

This is just the best way to break the ice and swiftly avoid any awkward silences that just have a tendency of creeping in, even if you actually do have quite a bit in common and a lot to talk about. You don’t want to let one moment of awkward silence to stand in the way of a possible lifetime of the great conversation which forms part of a great relationship, so kick things off with an extreme activity such as sky-diving, bungee jumping, etc.

Go Cycling

Next, wind things down just a little bit, but keep the intensity up, so you can take a pair of Cannondale road bikes out for a good bit of cycling or perhaps do something like river-rafting. You’ll be comfortable in each others’ space by this time and perhaps hold some good conversation while keeping up a good pace, perhaps even admiring some great sights.


Now comes the part where you’re both completely comfortable with each other and you can get to the business of deepening the conversation a bit more and really get to know each other. I’m talking going beyond each others’ favourite colours here — if you’re both truly the outdoorsy types, what’s likely a great first date should turn into a good tradition, should the relationship take off in the right direction.