Facts you will discover when travelling to the UK

We all have a definite mindset when we think about a place because we know what they’re famous for or what simply attracts us to it. However, there is much more explore, even in big cities, than what we think or know of. Today we will share some unknown facts that you need to know before travelling to the UK.

Most know facts about travelling in the UK

Check out the top facts that will make travelling to the UK easy for you.

  1. Free museums

The hotels in the UK are expensive but you can save much on sightseeing. Most state-owned or council-owned museums are free to visit so add the following to your list for the free-spree:

  • British Museum
  • Natural History Museum
  • Science Museum

You’d find all three in London but there are many more in other cities to look out for.

  1. The beer is warm

If you’re travelling from Australia, we’re afraid you’d complain about the beer sold here! This country serves warm beer but you must try the beverage in a different way. Lager and ales are two other drinks you must try when you visit the UK.

  1. Countryside is dull

If you think that the British countryside is going to offer scenic views, we guess you’ve seen better places. We can’t add places like Yorkshire Dales, Cotswolds, and Peak District on this list as they’re totally worth your time. However, the villages here offer more than the landscapes so try getting to Scottish Highlands, Northumberland coast, or North York Moors.

  1. You can reach out to people

People in the UK are kindly, friendly and helpful. From checking out phones-number.co.uk to get the right contacts in the country to taking advice from locals, you are free to reach out. Take out time to mingle with the locals so that you can make the most of your tour.

  1. Train ticket costs

The train ticket charges in this country are actually cheaper than you think. You just need to buy them in advance or travel during the off-period. You can go through the National Rail website of the UK to know the perfect costs and book your tickets. It can save you a lot, especially if you will travel during the weekend or holidays.

  1. You get pre-packed sandwiches

Locals in the UK love pre-packed sandwiches and it often happens to be their staple. There are several stores where you’d find types of sandwiches. Peculiarly, some newspaper sellers and pharmacies also sell sandwiches apart from supermarkets and cafes. These are perfect to grab on the go and continue your sightseeing sessions!

Finally, you should also know about the accent panoply in the UK. The country brings in people from several regions and you might find people talking differently living 50 km apart! The royal British tonality that you watch in films is quite unlikely of what you’d find here. So make sure you understand what the locals say and make yourself clear!