Enjoy a Kayaking Adventure in Costa Rica

For those looking to go on a vacation with a bit of adventure included, kayaking in Costa Rica is a great option. With more than twenty rivers and coastlines of both the Caribbean and Pacific Oceans, Costa Rica is a destination that offers almost limitless options for kayaking adventurers. Whether you prefer paddling along the coast to try and spot dolphins and other wildlife, venturing out into the maze of mangroves, or testing the whitewater, there are definitely lots of choices for you in Costa Rica. We’ve put together a list of some of the best kayaking destinations in Costa Rica for you to explore.

Isla Damas

At the beautiful destination of Isla Damas you can kayak through the tangled mangroves and along narrow channels, allowing you to keep a sharp eye out for the wild monkeys and even pumas along the way. For bird lovers, Isla Damas is a choice destination as a kayaking trip will allow you to see water birds and wading birds gather in flocks which number in the thousands.

Lake Arenal

Another excellent area for kayaking in Costa Rica is Lake Arenal, where you can explore the waters with a view of the majestic Volcano Arenal. Lake Arenal is Costa Rica’s largest lake, and its calm, serene waters make it an excellent destination for beginner kayakers who are looking to build their confidence. It’s also a great choice of area for kayaking if you are looking to take younger children with you. For those looking to travel with children, why not consider staying in a stunning villa for the duration of your stay.

Osa Peninsula

On the Osa Peninsula, the clear waters of the Golfo Dulce hold a multitude of sea creatures that inquisitive kayakers can keep their eye out for. Kayak along the Osa Peninsula to see dolphins, sea turtles, manatees, and more. The area is also home to a number of rivers which allow kayakers looking for more of an adventure to explore the nearby jungles.

Kayaking Tours

If you are looking to challenge yourself that little bit more on your vacation, you can sign up for both full and multi-day kayaking tours in different areas of Costa Rica. One such tour is the Curu Sea Kayaking Tour which lasts for four days and three nights, and includes a camping trip to the beautiful white sands of the Playa Quesera beach. The tour allows you to spend your days exploring the waters of this tropical paradise, and relax at night by stargazing from a comfortable hammock. There are also a number of other kayaking tours available that you may wish to look into, such as the Lake Kayaking and Biking Arenal Tour, Coastal Sea Kayaking, and Damas Island Estuary by Kayaking. If you are considering a kayaking vacation in Costa Rica, why not rent a villa in CR to make the most of your trip.

Have you ever been on a kayaking vacation in Costa Rica? Where did you stay? We’d love to hear all about it in the comments below.