Best Experience Gifts for Nature Lovers

For some, being outdoors is the best experience. Outdoorsmen and women all over the world find time to enjoy nature and just take in the fresh air. From the love of hiking to rock climbing, nature lovers share a special bond with one another.

There are hundreds of outdoor loving couples all over the world that share one important hobby: Mother Nature. They are able to get out, see the world and experience new things inside of it that others just shrug off. Our world is full of nooks and crannies that have yet to be explored, places that we can only imagine and beautiful scenery that is unique to our planet. If you’re looking for a special experience unlike any other, each one of these experiences as a gift will create the ultimate connection between you and the Earth.

Scenic Helicopter Tour

There is no better way to view the scenery than from the sky. Taking a helicopter tour can be done in many places all over the United States and includes a pilot that is skilled in his trade. See the natural beauty that is all around you by taking an exhilarating ride through the air. With this experience, you are able to sit back and relax while you look into waterfalls, hills, mountains and more. This is perfect for a couple who is ready to take a thrill ride together. The scenic helicopter tour is easy on the wallet and the nature is easy on the eyes.

Ultimate Zip-Lining Tour

If you’re looking for an experience that will engage your trust with one another, perhaps it’s time to try out the zip line. Zip lining is becoming more and more popular throughout the US. Chances are, there is a zip line tour near you. You are taken through the trees on a fast line with nothing under you but the air. Of course, you’re given all of the safety gear you need as well as a trainer to ensure you are safe. Zip lining is an amazing adventure that’s easy on your budget.

Amazing White Water Rafting

There are hundreds of opportunities to experience the waves in the US. However, one of the most exhilarating is perhaps white water rafting. Perfect for a couple or a group of couples, white water rafting combines speed and the loveliness of nature together for the ultimate thrill ride. For these adventures, you are given all of the equipment necessary to take a successful ride down the rapids. You are given many options whether you are a beginner or a skilled rafter. White water rafting is more than just a raft ride. Instead, it’s a water roller coaster that is sure to thrill your gift recipient.

Ultimate Hiking Adventure

Grab your hiking boots and take on the adventure of a lifetime all over the US. There are hundreds of guided hikes and tours that will get your hands dirty. Combine a hike with a caving experience for the ultimate hiking adventure. Hiking is perfect for couples or a group and will allow you time to get to know one another better and you become one with nature. Guided hikes come complete with a knowledgeable guide as well as the safety equipment necessary for you to enjoy your time.

Final Thought

If you love the great outdoors and so does your partner, any of these gift experiences would be perfect for you. Allow yourself to try something you haven’t tried before. Become one with nature as you zip line through the trees, hike through a cave or feel the splash of water on your face while you raft. Whatever you decide to do, do it together and experience nature as one.