Best Adventure Places in the World

The truly dedicated will find adventure wherever they go, but there are definitely places in the world that are better suited for outdoor adventures than others. Access to outdoor recreation is one of the most sought after amenities, for both vacationing and permanent living, which is why some of the best places for outdoor recreation are also noted as some of the best places to live. If you’re looking for your next adventure stop, consider some of these popular locations.

  1. Alaska

Winter recreation knows no better location than the vast tundra of Alaska. If you like heli-skiing, then check out Valdez, which is one of the most popular skiing locations in the world. If you’re visiting during the summer, take a tour of the Prince William Sound, where you can kayak around the glaciers and maybe see some marine wildlife.


  1. Vancouver

This large province in British Columbia is a mountain biker’s dream. The large North Shore is the ultimate location for free ride mountain biking with it’s winding wood bridges, massive drops, and excellent jumps. There’s also great biking in Whistler, where you can be dropped from a helicopter onto the mountain slopes. On top of it all, winter is an excellent time for hitting up the slopes on Cypress Mountain, Grouse Mountain, and Mt. Seymour.

  1. Austria

Check out the Kitzbuehel Alps in Austria where biking, ziplining, climbing, swimming, kayaking, and more are commonplace among the incredible landscapes. If you’re interested in learning more about the amazing outdoor recreation within Austria’s borders, check out this press trip in which 16 travel bloggers traversed to try mountain biking, climbing, and more.

  1. Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a white water rafter’s paradise where expert rafters can enjoy level IV and V rapids through the country’s lush rainforests and valleys. Mountain biking, hiking, and backpacking through the volcanic valleys and rainforests are also amazing options. You’ll also want to plan time to grab a board and try your luck on some of the biggest waves you’ve ever seen. If you live in the states and are looking for something comparable, check out Colorado Springs white water rafting. It’s great any time of year, but if you can make it in the spring as the snow begins to melt and flow down the Royal Gorge, you’ll see some gnarly class IV and V rapids.


  1. Peru

The Andes Mountains in Peru, particularly around Arequipa, provide world class recreation, including whitewater rafting through the Cotahuasi Canyon, (the world’s deepest gorge), mountain biking through the Andes, and trekking through the Amazon jungle.

  1. Norway

The peaks and fjords of western Norway provide the perfect landscape for high adventure. These mountains, particularly in the Voss area, have earned their fame for having some of the best cliffs for BASE jumping, repelling and para-bungee jumping. There are also plenty of rapids, ranging from class III to V on the Stranda and Randaul rivers, and if you’re there in the winter, the largest Norway ski resort is also located in Voss.



  1. New Zealand

Some people like to call Queenstown, New Zealand the adventure capital of the world. Whether you spend your time there or in the surrounding areas, New Zealand is sure to provide plenty of recreation, including mountain biking, hiking, bungee jumping, skiing, snowboarding, whitewater rafting, rock climbing, hang gliding, and skydiving. It’s really your one stop location when adventure is calling loudest.