Apps and Maps

For those of you who love to go hiking, and let’s assume you all do or what the heck are you doing on this website. J You might be surprised that a country very accessible and only a couple of hours flying time from the UK has some of the best hike trails on the planet. Here’s a clue. Matadors and the running of the bulls. Okay, that was pretty easy. Yes, it is Spain, where the rain falls mainly on the plane. I say ‘plane’ because when I was at the Madrid airport a few months ago, I was sitting in the departure lounge waiting for my flight and it was raining outside. I saw a few aircraft sitting on the tarmac and thought: The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plane! It was a play on words but worthy of a posting on my Facebook page.

Okay, getting back to hiking in Spain. By the way, if you are ever stuck at the airport you should have your own app to keep you company. Contact App Developers UK and throw an idea at them. I mean it’s a lot of fun playing somebody else’s great ideas but why not make one of your own? Apparently it’s a lot cheaper than you think and you’ll discover this once you contact an iOS developer. The other aspect of app development for you to consider is for your own enterprise if you have one.

We still haven’t got to Spain. Serious hiking can be done in the mountains of Spain with Spring and Autumn being the best times. Some of the paths are a bit too dangerous in the winter and summer in Spain is a little hot. You’re better off on a beach then. The thing is that hiking isn’t a popular Spanish hobby so you are not likely to have huge crowds of people tramping around your pathways apart from the serious hikers that have come from other countries.

While the Pyrenees and the Ebro region are the most popular you can get a bit of that feeling of being in Switzerland if you try the Asturias in the north. I was speaking about apps before and a really handy one to have when you are hiking in an unfamiliar place is the Viewranger GPS-Route and maps. There are thousands of tracks you can download as well as the ones that are already available. Going back to that chat I had about making your own app. If you have the ability, you can map your hike and use that when telling your app developer how to do it. He will appreciate the extra resources you provide him with and that will finally come out as a very cool app that can be used by others that follow your path.