Adding Adventure to your Vacation in the Pacific

The islands in the Pacific have been a popular travel destination ever since trans-continental flight routes started. The idea of spending your time amid gently swaying palm trees and a cooling island breeze while you watch the ocean has appeal for almost everyone.

But if you have been to Hawaii and Tahiti or Guam or the Philippines before and have visited many of the island favorites, it may be time to consider ways to add to your experience, like exploring further afield.

Here are some excursion ideas from traditional hotspots that can add an element of excitement to your vacation:


Hawaii to Palmyra Island: If you are into adventure and have a penchant for adventure, splitting your vacation between Honolulu hotels and a side trip to Palmyra Island might be one of the more interesting trips you can make. Spending time in Honolulu always seems to help people unwind after several months of hard work. The beach, the ocean and a sophisticated dining scene are all superb. Palmyra is the most southern point of the United States. And although it is 1000 miles South of Hawaii, it can be visited with some planning in advance. There is a weekly flight from Honolulu to Christmas Island, which is about 350 miles away. From there, you can arrange to take a boat and visit one of the most unspoiled places in the United States. The Nature Conservancy and the US Department of Fish and Wildlife administer Palmyra, and so if you are interested, you should contact them for approval prior to visiting. For the best places to stay in Honolulu, checking out an expert travel site like Hipmunk will provide you with details that will help you make better decisions about organizing your trip.

Bali to Surabaya: Spending time on Bali in Indonesia is always exciting. The arts scene and the beaches make for an experience that you won’t soon forget. Bali has a variety of places to stay: luxury hotels, resorts, and more traditional Bali-style accommodations.
A nice weekend or more trip away from Bali is to head west to the Eastern tip of the island of Java by ferry or plane. There you will enter Surabaya, a metropolis with a zoo featuring Komodo dragons and white tigers. Surabaya also has a lively art scene where the Batik and other Indonesian crafts are fairly different from those found in Bali.


Diving Certification in the Philippines: If you wanted to take up diving, you can do so locally by spending time getting your certification. You will save tremendously by getting certified in the Philippines versus attaining it at home. Don’t miss the chance to swim through the beautiful sea of the Philippines! Get your diving certification!
Adventure travel in the Pacific is a great way to enjoy a vacation. By planning ahead and using travel sites that provide expert advice because of their focus on certain cities or areas, your vacation experience will be much more enhanced.

This article was written and provided by Fiona Moriarty of Hipmunk, the ultimate platform for all your travel needs.