british outdoors

People often find in me the perfect paradoxical figure as they come to know that a 41 year old Ambulance driver could actually articulate himself and talk about aestheticism in depth. Seems odd but it’s true as I am an ambulance driver due to circumstances and I crave to enjoy myself in the English countryside and live my life to the fullest. And, my job as an ambulance driver has already taught me the reason to live life fully as I see people struggling to stay alive sometimes. So, I am one of those persons who would just respect their life and the beauty that it holds. And, that is the reason I write and express my innermost feelings about the bounties of nature.

 The inclination to write basically developed at a very early age when I was growing up in the countryside. I used to live in ‘Much Hadham’ a small village in Hertfordshire. I enjoyed the serene and tranquil atmosphere there and the nature would often overpower me completely and I would get lost in the wondrous beauty of nature. My childhood, thus, gave me the inspiration to ponder over the magnificence that the nature holds.

As ours was a small village every one of us knew each other. I had some good-hearted, guileless friends with whom I would go on long walks in the countryside. Today as well I just take off from work and come to my village to relive my childhood days. Panting for breath after arduous trekking is the thing I still enjoy today. All the exhaustion just goes away by visiting the green pastures which are so soothing and relaxing. The idyllic surroundings are refreshing and rejuvenating. Milking the cows is also one activity that I love to do while on my farm. Also, horse riding is another good option that one could get into as it is thrilling and exciting.

The heavenly bliss that one experiences is further heightened by the water sports. Swimming not only refreshes us but is ultimate for maintaining our health. Moreover, boat racing offers complete fun and is thoroughly exciting. While, canoeing amidst the mountains under the sky covered with clouds is simply heavenly.

However, what my friends and I enjoy the most is camping. We pack our lunches and make complete arrangement of tents and enjoy sleeping in the open at night by the bonfire. Time flies when all the friends are reminiscing about the golden moments of the past. The whole stress seems to wipe away completely.

Moreover, the snow in the winter ensures that we could have lovely time skiing over the snow capped mountains. It is so spine-tingling yet invigorating. I take my wife and kids along with me as well in order to enjoy the perfect family outings. Also, we would often hire bicycles and find our way around in the wood area. Gurgling of the stream is the best sound that one could hear. It is so calm, fresh and pure that one simply enjoys in the lap of nature. It is indeed the best escape from the hectic and occupied life that one leads in the city.