8 Great Things to Do With Your Family This Year

The weather has perked up so much recently, and it’s left families wondering what they can do for fun this year. It’s time to stop wondering and start making plans! Here are 8 great things you can do:

Go Camping

Camping with the family is always a memorable experience. Kids develop and learn from experiences like this, so you know that you’re doing your kids good. You’ll all be able to appreciate the great outdoors, meet like minded people, and become one again with nature. No electricals, just one happy family! Here are some fantastic campsites:

  • New Forest.
  • Newquay.
  • The Peak District.
  • Croyde.
  • Forest of Dean.

Visit a Theme Park

There are a load of theme parks you can choose from. Blackpool tourism is popular because of the Pleasure Beach, and there are many more things you can do over there too. However, there’s also Thorpe Park, Drayton Manor, and Alton Towers. You really do have a ton of options!

See a Show

Watching a show is always exciting, and there are a variety of shows that you can choose from. Why not visit the West End and watch Shrek or the Lion King? There’s even a theatre in Birmingham that does similar showings! You don’t necessarily have to watch anything for ‘kids’ either; yours might prefer The Phantom of the Opera.


Go Walking

Walking helps to keep families healthy and happy. The fresh air you’ll get is so much better than spending all day indoors on computers and the like. Look online for a good route or buy a walking book to give you ideas. Some amazing places to walk include:

  • Belton Park, Lincolnshire.
  • Greenway Estate, Devon.
  • Melbury Downs, Dorset.
  • Killerton, Devon.
  • Exmoor, Somerset.

Visit Museums

Museums are not in short supply, and many of them are free! It all depends on what you see. There are museums dedicated to railways, artists, and even chocolate. Some of the best are:

  • The British Museum.
  • The Imperial War Museum.
  • The Science Museum.
  • The World Museum.
  • Sudley House.

Outdoor Cinema

In London, when the weather picks up, you can visit an outdoor cinema to watch a showing of a classic film. Take a blanket and some snacks for a magical evening!

Go to the Farm

The farm is another wonderful place to visit when you’re not sure how to spend your day. Let your kids learn all about farmyard animals and have some lunch while you’re there.

Explore a Castle

Exploring castles gives the kids opportunities to learn about history, and perhaps even make believe that they’re a prince/princess themselves! Some of the best castles to explore are:

  • Dover Castle, Kent.
  • Tintagel Castle, Cornwall.
  • Bolsover Castle, Derbyshire.

If you want to have a magical, educational and memorable time with your family this year, make sure you try out these 8 great things. Create a list of things you’d love to do and work your way down it to stop any boredom from taking over. Leave a comment with suggestions of your own.

Bye for now!